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setze zeichen,

this content is about a collection of small pages embedded in a red mole skin book. the pages are wrapped in black tissue paper for protection and organization. the content includes various objects, patterns, and symbolic elements.

 it also mentions dried sourdough culture »minuskel and microgramme« that can be revived with water and flour [in a glass 50 ml water, 50g flour = #keinebrotlosekunst]. the collection features textile and symbolically meaningful items in a cardboard box. it invites aesthetic appreciation and offers the opportunity for interaction and contribution. 

to ask: 

 the summary & story telling & action in progress ends by inviting participation and the option to receive the box for artist-artist, who are interested 

consider logical dadistic, psychosocial, eflux paradoxical and co-creative processes of communication & transformation in different languages ​​and artistic forms of expression. You can see it as metamorphosis or dance of things, music, dream, play with colors, shapes and material as a manual. use in your everyday life as a construction kit or tool kit with things or as a repertoire for creating art. 

nowadays you can use it anytime and anywhere 

to see, feel, think and experience what artistic research means, if and as soon as the man-machine-man recommends: do your own research #DYOR. 

it is free, liberating and free for anyone who wants to participate. this project is culturally and artistically self-determined in itself. of course, it is also wild and autonomous and not directed by any hierarchical organization or project plans. with this *autonomous and co-*initiative, no other interests are being squandered, apart from this end in itself, to bring #daskleineRoteBuch into a museum after the end of the campaign.


registration to participate

the number of participants is limited, so register quickly to secure your place!

Von matter birgit


visual arts - art and scientific re-search _ arthistory
contemporary performance art
projects: #16

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