e hoi

kunst der kunsttherapie:n

the artists_artists are greeted with hoi, ahoi and ehoi, who are always completely integrated into society, but not in the [next] society of their time, but in the society of the future?!

“cyborgs, as established by author »Donna Haraway«, are not reverent. they do not remember the cosmos.” if you want to remember: travel or volunteer with hoi, ahoi and ehoi: the "art of art therapy" to awaken "sleeping images and dreams" that are [still alien] to you and your generation, culture and society.

orientate, take up IMPULSES that create FREEDOM and PEACE, address them, mediatize them, position them: start. every beginning is always repetition. the draftsman takes care of the line, he does not guide it. the painter provides the colors. the writer sets the signs and assembles the text to the context in an environment.

I'm letting in a little windy chaos. 

To reduce a thing to its only elements. All the wonderfully il:logical lines, signs, shapes, colors, threads

on the search for clues to the »antiform« 

begin:n mit e hoi

bild bilder bildend
text texten textend
german speaking part of 

lively a hoi

Experimenting with different ideas and approaches can be an exciting and necessary part of growth and progress. It allows us to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and discover new possibilities. Whether it's in the realm of arts, sciences, technology, or personal development, embracing experimentation can lead to innovation and breakthroughs.

When we engage in experimenting, we open ourselves up to new experiences and outcomes. It can involve trying out new methods, exploring uncharted territories, or even stepping outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes, it means taking risks and being willing to learn from both success and failure.

Experimentation is not limited to scientific laboratories. 

It can be a mindset that permeates our daily lives. From trying out different recipes in the kitchen to exploring "new" projects or even testing different strategies or functioning in our work, experimenting allows us to adapt, learn, and "grow".

In the realm of »business and entrepreneurship«, experimentation can be a vital component of success. By testing and iterating ideas, products, and social marketing strategies, entrepreneurs can discover what works and what doesn't. This iterative process of experimentation helps refine concepts and bring better solutions to the market, not only the art-market.

However, it is important to approach experimentation with a mindset of learning and adaptability. Not every experiment will yield the desired results, but each one can provide valuable insights and lessons. Embracing the process and being open to new possibilities can lead to unexpected discoveries and breakthroughs.

So, let's embrace the spirit of experimentation and embark on a journey of discovery. Let's explore, question, and challenge the norms. Who knows what exciting adventures and innovations await us on this experimental path?
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medientheater operationen

e hoi

be together
human-machine-human communication : out- and input : you are welcome
»literatursommer – visual literacy«

zurich -lüneburg -malmö – aachen – solothurn

#kunstreise:n #ahoi
#art journey #ahoy

“Cyborgs, as established by author Donna Haraway, are not reverent. They do not remember the cosmos.”

du kennst kein hoi, noch ahoi, dann... 
you don't know hoi, nor ahoy, then...

you know sugar and salt?

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