The Dinner Party (1979) by Judy Chicago — #womensart ♀

In 1979 US artist Judy Chicago exhibited her ground breaking and iconic (collaborative) installation The Dinner Party (1979). The work is viewed as the first epic feminist artwork. The Dinner Party took over five years to complete, beginning in 1974, within an era of many challenges to the white male status quo, including a fervent […]
The Dinner Party (1979) by Judy Chicago — #womensart ♀

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contemporary performance art
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2 Antworten auf „The Dinner Party (1979) by Judy Chicago — #womensart ♀“

Because men have a history, it’s difficult for them to imagine what it’s like growing up without one, or the sense of personal expansion that comes when they discover that we women have a worthy heritage,“ Judy Chicago.


I am a person who shares the indivisible human dignity with others. The patriarchal dominance, as a curse of oppression against the unworthy life, to the thing and to use, has made me incapable of acting throughout my life.

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