#antimodernaesthetic #Apporpriationart #firstdraft #inventionbook #KleinesRotesBuch #kunsttalk

#kunsttalk #kleinesRotes


first draft in progress for Camilla Howalt, 
the second is coming 

the whole #art of realistic representation lies in letting you forget your #art character and incorporating your #artefacts into small and tender #disruptive moments: how realistic 

(typisch deutsch: wirklichkeit:s:nah bis wirklos, das Stichwort zu suchen,
wahrhaftig "tütsch" zu sprechen oder zu schreiben ist). Non-romantic irony makes and tells the stories that are shaped and read to this day

the red book lies still in a nest until it is taken out of the 


the red book is not travel reading, but a book which itself travels in a nest and with other things, to give you something, to leave it with you and to take something from you on the further journey;

              this journey is only accompanyand by you and me  

we take care of it and we pay attention because we are part of an experiment from which we don't know what will come out
Thinking 1 

the red to orange color and the ivory-colored (squared smooth and crumpled) paper are stacked on top of the red book and next to it as a reminder

What do I want to do with it, do I even have time for it?

I'm in the mood to start something meaningful with it ...

I look at it, 
start thinking

I have the freedom to do a lot 

It will be my decision, 

but it shows no references, schemes and patterns to CG Jung's red book or really reveals art-based and aesthetic considerations and concepts of artists today or these days, nowadays in europe

it's not designed at all

no #forms of design can be discovered

no no #forms of contemporary art or the art system can be discovered or re:searched

it doesn't look expressive, surrealistic, decorative or ornamental 

is it dada?

this book does not reveal anything deep psychological or diary-like, no line, no red thread, no system of the art world today

a world map with points marked in red, ok

it opens, unfolds and folds again, no story line

antiform? what's the meaning of ANTI FORM?

ready-made : Objet trouvé : multiple:s : combine:s : assemblage:s


it conceals more than it unfolds artistically or emotionally

I'll think

I want to fill a box in the coordinate system and lay out my own thread by twitter 

The artists are unknown and strangers to me and some don't seem like certain types of artists today

I'll add a 3D 4D 5D object to it and photograph it and combine it with a video and I'll see what happens, how it moves and what kind of resonances (echo) it will generate

Somehow these artists are interesting, they work together, but they don't "follow" a plan at all. They work in squadrons and series and it seems that they only organize themselves in terms of date and time and livestreams and twitter threads with hashtags #kunsttalk for playing 

with coordinate systems, geodata and time in 2-3-4-5-6D installations 

is it a game?
Thinking 2

what kind of game is it?

I'll write down instructions and the rules of the game for you in four points 1-2-3-4 and I will write and send these experiences and insights to my friend in a letter later by handwriting

I'll think it is like a cooties children's games since 1522

(#katharinavonzimmern #zurich #müsterhof)

(auf der mauer auf der lauer sitzen kleine wanzen, die dir 'mal die wanzen an ...)

"Humanity is compared to children immersed in their 
 foolish games and worries"  
Thinking 3

I'll start with one of my hand the game for you: this is not 

an "eyecatcher",

but a paper fortune teller
take and keep the elements 1
take and keep the elements 2
take and keep the elements 3

Von matter birgit


visual arts - art and scientific re-search arthistory
contemporary performance art
Project: #16

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