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the small painting

a. Research Fields

internet - contacts - links


b. Enterprise in Virtual Environments

talking about the painting as a picture & image
current research status of the #thesmallpainting 
review by zoom-meeting - talk and video-records

c. Research Project & Plan

what stories, informations and contextes will come closer to the truth of this small painting?

d. Expedition Trip

insert a map of europe for showing the journey: 
kauen - kaunas - berlin - gandenitz - lübeck - oldenburg - gandenitz - osnabrück - venne - zürich

e. Search Question

who knows this picture or this small paiting?
who saw this painting & small painting last?
photographed iPhone x in daylight 09.09.2020 Birgit Matter

#Follwerpower: From the detail to the small picture: as every detail of this small painting becomes the idea of ​​the picture as an act and context of expedition and adventure story.

What kind of stories may this small painting have? 
What stories are seen in this little painting today?

Which kind of art promise become apparent and obviously by this painting of a landscape picture in the 21 century?

f. Search description

The front of this painted canvas in the dimensions 325 x 225 mm shows no signature or date. On the back the dedication is handwritten – legibly – accentuated – in dark color or ink: “This small painting is a souvenir from Kauen von A. Jocius to Mr. Elwin Stutz”. The texture was probably applied by the painter himself with a pen. It looks like it was written as a postcard, greeting card or gift: in memory of a friend – in memory of events – in memory of the place, the landscape, homeland or the homestead? As a ‘thank you’ or just saying ‘thank you’ for the client or friend Mr. Elwin Stutz? Or in exchange for something?

This painting was presented – possibly wrapped in newspaper – so that Mr. Stutz could take it back home on his journey, to bring it to his wife and give it to her as a present in the early 1940s. The dedication on the back of the canvas was partly blackened with ballpoint pen in 1945, when it was taken along on the flight from east to west europe. And this #smallpainting was taken several times on the run from east to west germany, before it arrived in zurich, switzerland.


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